Aroma is an experiential seat that enhances the connection between subject and object.

It has 3 flexible elements and each contains dried aromatic flowers. The large cushion holds dried lavender flowers and on sitting the aroma is emitted. The intensity can be adjusted by opening the air vent system with the zipper.The two pillows hold dried rosemary, that is emitted through eyelets. The removable pockets hold dried flowers and provide storage.

“Aroma” is a flexible seat, every element can be used independently, the two pillows can be joined to the big cushion or used separately on a bed or a sofa and the removable pockets can be attached on the seat or used as belt bags, depending on user’s needs. 

The project aims to create a product with a longer life. It contrasts with a throwaway culture of fashion objects that are discarded before they are worn out and a world where landfill sites are full of functional objects. 

“Aroma” is available to purchase in a made to order base here: Singulart – “Aroma” by Veronica Esposito

Aroma 7-min